08-2022 GPO USA’s 8×42 and 10×42 ED Binoculars are Now
Available in Two New Colors

07-2022 GPO Be Sure to Pack Your Binocular for Summer Travel

06-2022 GPO USA Signs Strategic Partnership with QuickFire

06-2022 GPO Pro Shooters Deliver Remarkable Finish to the
2022 Archery Shooter’s Association (ASA) Season

06-2022 GPO Pro Shooter Chris Hacker
Steps Onto the Podium in Three Consecutive ASA Even

05-2022 GPO USA To Exhibit at NRA 2022
Annual Meetings & Exhibits

04-2022 GPO-Sponsored Jack Wallace Wins IBO Spring Nationals

01-2022 German Precision Optics (GPO) Expands to Fixed Power Scopes

03-2022 Rangefinders – An Essential Tool for Spring Turkey Hunting

01-2022 Follow German Precision Optics in “The Rookie” Series

01-2022 German Precision Optics to Exhibit at 2022 SHOT Show in
NEW Booth Location on Upper Level of Venetian Expo Center, #11053

01-2022 German Precision Optics USA Introduces the New
GPOTAC 1-8x24i FFP Riflescope


12-2021 Big News in a Small Package –
GPO Introduces Its 8×32 and 10×32 RANGEGUIDE

12-2021 Register to Win a GPO 10×50 RangeGuide at the Archery Trade Show (ATA) in
Louisville, Ky

07-2021 German Precision Optics Named Official Optics
of the Archery Shooters Association for the 3rd Consecutive Year

07-2021 GPO Sponsored Archer Sharon Wallace Wins Final Leg of the Triple Crown
And Captures National Champion Title

04-2021 German Precision Optics’ SPECTRA 5X 3-15x56i:
The Ultimate Low-Light Riflescope

03-2021 German Precision Optics Introduces New SPECTRAdot Red Dot Scope

03-2021 German Precision Optics Launches New SPECTRA 6X Riflescopes

03-2021 German Precision Optics Introduces Three New SPECTRA Riflescopes to its 8X Lineup

02-2021 German Precision Optics RANGETRACKER 1800 Rangefinder
Now Available In Black at a Lower Price

01-2021 German Precision Optics (GPO) USA Rangefinders Capture
Gray’s Best Awards

01-2021 German Precision Optics’ Binoculars Win Two
Best Binocular Reviews Awards


12-2020 German Precision Optics (GPO) in the “Hunting with Bob Series”

11-2020 German Precision Optics Introduces Optic-Fit Binocular Adapter System

02-2020 GPO USA PASSION™ 8×42 ED Binocular Wins
Best Birding Binocular Award

02-2020 Wallace first win

02-2020_GPO USA PASSIONTM 8×42 ED Binocular Wins

02-2020_GPO-Sponsored Sharon Wallace Wins ASA Season Opener

01-2020_German Precision Optics Named Official Optics of the Archery Shooters Association

01-2020 German Precision Optics’ 8×42 and 10×42 ED Binoculars Are Now
Available in Deep Green

01-2020_German Precision Optics Named Official Optics of the Archery Shooters Association


12-2019 German Precision Optics Offers Upgraded 6-24×50 Riflescope Package

12-20-2019_German Precision Optics Kicks off the New Year with a Buy 5 Get 1 Free Promotion

11-20-2019_German Precision Optics Partners with BCE Marketing for TALO States

10-21-2019_German Precision Optics Partners with Blue Ridge Marketing for the Southeastern States

10-16-2019 My GPO Retailer Rewards Program

09-30-2019 GPO Oct Promo

09-11-2019 GPO Bergeron – National Sales Manager

09-09-2019 GPO Southern Outdoor Sales

09-03-2019 GPO Zanders

06-10-2019 GPO Warranty

06-04-2019 GPO Vincent win PR

05-28-2019 GPO Wallaces win

05-21-2019 GPO Passion 56 binoculars PR

05-20-2019 GPO Van Natta win

05-20-2019 GPO Higgins Operations Manager

05-14-2019 GPO Website

04-23-19 GPO Introduces RANGEGUIDE 10×50

02-11-19 Writer of the Year – Release

02-11-19 GPO BBR award – Release

02-01-19 GPO Grays Best F – Release

01-08-19 GPO exhibiting – Release


12-12-18 GPO Introduces PASSION 3X 6-18×50 – Release

11-28-18 GPO Introduces FLAGMASTER 1800 Golf Rangefinder – Release

11-20-18 GPO Introduces PASSION 4X Riflescopes – Release

11-13-18 GPO Hires MWS Agency – Release

11-1-18 GPO Announces Facility Expansion – Release

10-29-18 GPO Partners with Hunter Outdoor Communication – Release

1-20-18 GPO Introduces PASSION 3X Riflescopes with GPOBTS – Release

1-20-18 GPO Introduces 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Release

1-10-18 GPO Introduces GPOTAC 6Xi Riflescopes – Release

1-1-18 GPO Introduces PASSION 4X 6-24×50 Riflescope – Release


6-19-17 GPO Introduces PASSION ED Binoculars – Release

5-10-17 GPO Introduces PASSION 6X Riflescopes – Release

4-26-17 GPO Introduces PASSION 3X Custom Turrets – Release

3-24-17 GPO USA Products now available at Optics Planet – Release

3-3-17 GPO USA Products now available at Cameraland – Release

2-10-17 GPO Introduces GPOTAC 8Xi Riflescopes – Release

2-6-17 GPO Introduces PASSION HD Binoculars – Release

1-27-17 GPO Introduces PASSION 3X Riflescopes – Release

1-13-17 GPO Hires TSM Sales Agency – Release

1-13-17 GPO Hires MBS Sales Agency – Release

1-9-17 Michael Jensen leads GPO USA – Release