PASSION 4X 3-12×56, reticle – German #4


This premium 30mm line of riflescopes gives additional advantages to the shooter, with higher magnification and larger low-light objective lenses. A massive 56mm objective lens means the 3-12×56 is designed for use in the lowest light conditions.

  • 30mm main tube
  • Massive 56mm low-light lenses
  • Brilliant optical performance
  • GPObright lens coating technology
  • Standard G4 non-illuminated reticle

Included accessories

  • Cleaning cloth
  • Bikini scope cover


GPObright is a proprietary coating process that maximizes light transmission through each surface of an optical element. As light hits an optical surface, normal uncoated high-performance glass can reflect up to 5% of that light, redirecting this light so it does not transmit through the optical system. However, when these high-performance lenses are vacuum-coated with GPObright lens coatings, up to 99.7% of the available light passes through each optical surface. Furthermore, when every surface of the entire optical system is properly coated, total light transmission can reach up to more than 92%, making the optical image of a GPO binocular or riflescope “bright,” even in the lowest light conditions.

Please click on the link to download the manual

PASSION 4X 3-12×56 – Manual



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