3 x 4-12 x 42 is a entry-premium, 1-inch line of riflescopes packs incredible features into small, compact, and versatile optics, with premium features like industry-leading field of view, quick-adjust turrets, fast focus ocular, and generous eye relief. PASSION 3X is sure to be your workhorse that transforms a hunt into a harvest. 

  • 1-inch main tube
  • Excellent eye relief
  • 1/4 MOA CCW rotation
  • Extreme field of view
  • Fast focus ocular
  • Metal turret caps
  • GPObright lens coating technology
  • Double HD objective glass technology
5 Ballistic Turrets included
comes with custom turrets by Hornady 223 Rem. / 6.5 Creed. / 308 Win. / 30-06 Spr. / 300 WM

PASSION 3X 4-12x42

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Accessories included with this purchase
instruction manual, cleaning cloth, bikini scope cover, 5 ballistic turrets, 5 turret instruction card

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Reticle Option
Magnification: 4x - 12x
Field of View (FOV) ft @ 100y: 34 - 14
Field of View (FOV) m @ 100m: 11 - 4,5
Objective diameter (mm): 42 Effective diameter
Exit pupil diameter (mm): 11 - 3,5 Measurement of the pupilary ocular beam
Eye Relief (inches): 3,74 From the last optical surface
Eye Relief (mm): 95 From the last optical surface
Travel value per click at 100y: .25 (1/4") 1 Click = x / 100y
cm travel value per click at 100m: 0,63 1 Click = x / 100m
Elevation range total (inches at 100y): 61 100y
Elevation range total (cm at 100m): 170 100m
Windage range total (cm at 100m): 170 100m
Parallax compensation: 100 yds Parallax free at x distance
Transmission Daylight: 90% ISO 14490-5:2005
Height (inches): 1,8 Without covers
Height (mm): 45 Without covers
Width (inches): 1,8 Fully extended
Width (mm): 45 Fully extended
Length (inches): 12,2 At outside diameter
Length (mm): 310 At outside diameter
Tube diameter(mm): 1" Width of main tube
Weight (ounces): 13,8 Without covers
Weight (grams): 390 Without covers
Windage range total (inches at 100y): 61 100y
Mechanical outer diameter(objective mm): 49,5 Objective end of scope
Mechanical outer diameter (ocular mm): 41 Ocular end of scope
Reticle Option: Plex
Accessories included with this purchase: instruction manual, cleaning cloth, bikini scope cover, 5 ballistic turrets, 5 turret instruction card
GPObright is a proprietary coating process that maximizes light transmission through each surface of an optical element. As light hits an optical surface, normal uncoated high-performance glass can reflect up to 5% of that light, redirecting this light so it does not transmit through the optical system. However, when these high-performance lenses are vacuum-coated with GPObright lens coatings, up to 99.7% of the available light passes through each optical surface. Furthermore, when every surface of the entire optical system is properly coated, total light transmission can reach up to more than 92%, making the optical image of a GPO binocular or riflescope “bright,” even in the lowest light conditions.
A Double HD lens is the final product, created when multiple extra-low dispersion lenses are chemically laminated to make a single, multilayer high-performance optical lens. Laminating multiple lenses minimizes light reflection on the surface of multiple lenses, creates enhanced resolution and color contrast images, and minimizes chromatic aberrations. This benefit is clearly visible with all GPO products supporting this feature. This high-performance process is routinely found in the photographic market and with the highest quality photographic lens manufacturers, but has now transitioned into premium sporting optics.

GPO BTS Ballistic turret system

Thank you for trusting GPO with your purchase of our multi-turret 3X riflescope. This system is intended to assist shooters in attaining lethal game shot placements at up to 500 yards. It is not intended to replace a shooter’ s ability or judgement on taking long range shots.

This system is calibrated to use select Hornady ammunition. We recommend that the user practices at long range, and confirms the actual bullet placement at long range distances. Exact bullet placement can be affected by elevation, wind, temperature, and the angle of the target. Practice long range shooting to assure bullet placement on your target.

For best results, use these Hornady cartridges:

 - 223 Remington: Use Hornady American Gunner ammunition, item #80237

-  6.5 Creedmoor: Use Hornady American Whitetail ammunition, item #81489

 - 308 Winchester: Use Hornady American Whitetail ammunition, item #8090

 - 30-06 Springfield: Use Hornady American Whitetail ammunition, item #81084

-  300 Winchester Magnum: Use Hornady American Whitetail ammunition, item #82044

How to use this system:

1. Properly mount and secure the riflescope on your rifle.

2. Using the proper Hornady ammunition listed above, and without replacing the turret, sight your rifle in at 200 yards.

3. After your rifle is sighted in, hold the elevation turret tightly in place (do not allow click movement), and remove the center screw located in the center of the elevation turret.

4. Remove the factory installed turret ring.

5. Replace the turret ring with the selected caliber custom turret ring.

6. Align the 200-yard marking on the custom turret with the zero indicator mark directly under the turret ring.
7. Replace the center screw to affix the custom turret in place.

Your rifle is now equipped with a custom engraved turret that is calibrated to the select Hornady cartridge. To shoot at long distances, you simply need to dial the distance of your defined target. Rotate the turret and align the distance of the target (ex. 400 yards), and set the 400-yard mark on your turret with the zero indicator mark on the body of the main scope tube.


Good hunting, and remember, impact accuracy at extreme distances takes practice!